Posted: 4:25 pm Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Greetings from The Great North Woods … 

By Post Staff

… And by Great North Woods, I mean Martin and St. Lucie counties, of course.

My name is Ben Volin, one of two new staff writers joining our esteemed colleague Steve Dorsey here on the preps blog. I mainly cover the Treasure Coast high schools for the Post, so that’s what I’ll be blogging about most of the time.

You can bet I’ll be posting often, especially after I attend games and practices. Memorable quotes, next-day reaction, funny encounters, notable accomplishments — all will be highlighted on the blog. You might also see, for example, a link to an interesting high school story from Dallas, or an issue in California that could make its way to Florida, or perhaps an update on the pluckiest high school teams in the land, Gayville-Volin High School in South Dakota. Go Raiders!

We hope this blog can be a forum for two-way conversation between us and area high school fans, so please feel free to comment on our blog posts or E-mail us directly. And if you’re bored, read our bios — our athletic accomplishments are always good for a laugh.

Until next time …