Posted: 9:29 pm Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Hot, so hot, 561 

By Post Staff

What’s that old saying – some people can be part right some of the time, others can be all right part of the time, but nobody can be all right all of the time?
I think Abraham Lincoln said that. Maybe it was Joakim Noah. Whoever said it was tall.

But that’s the beauty of a blog, folks. We don’t know everything. Sometimes we know nothing. I’d like to think we know something, and I’m sure that guy who signs my Palm Beach Post paycheck every Thursday would like to think the same.

That’s where you, oh loyal readers we thou covet, come in – we’ll throw it all out there, splatter it across the wall like a Chinese take-out dinner that looks and smells mysteriously like dog food, and you can tell us if our opinions are: genius, absurd, stupid, all of the above. And if you think it’s stupid, try forming a better opinion, buddy. I dare you.

Somebody wearing a suit, and quite possibly a tie (I’m forever mastering the art of the tie – there’s so many loops and turns involved. Who wears a tie these days anyway?), came up with this wild idea to hand Ben Volin and me the keys to cyberspace. Now, we’ll join forces with Steve Dorsey, the Lord of all that is Palm Beach County high school sports, as a modern day Mod Squad. Except we’re all guys. And we’re sports bloggers. But there are three of us, and we’re three baaaaaaad bloggers (bad as in good. The extra a’s represent our aggressiveness).

This is the 561, baby, and we’ve got the inside scoop. So stay tuned and wear something light because it’s going to get heated up in this blog.