Posted: 11:25 pm Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Parting shots from the Outback Bowl 

By Jason Lieser

Odds and Ends from Saturday’s Outback Bowl: National 15, American 7

This was the first one of these that I’ve seen but I certainly was expecting more offense. Both teams ran the ball way more than they threw. It was understandable that they relied on the run because there were some spectacular breakups in addition to the two interceptions that were thrown.

American coach Bill Powers said after the game that he wished they played 15-minute quarters instead of 12-minute quarters. I could see how that would mess a coach and even the players up when it comes to strategy in terms of clock management. It’s not what they’re used to but then again, it’s an all-star game.

This game is supposed to be a scout magnet, though they are tough to spot in a crowd. What may look like a scout could just be some guy wearing a Florida State hat. Defensive players were surely piquing the interest of the scouts tonight.

There was some chatter about this possibly being the last Outback Bowl, but that was quickly put to rest. Official word is that there’s no contract signed by the game’s major sponsors. The agreement is taken on a year-by-year basis and everyone is apparently happy with the returns on investment as of right now.