Posted: 4:07 pm Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Lake Worth Christian places first in Class 1A private school FHSAA All-Sports Awards 

By Post Staff

St. Thomas Aquinas and Jacksonville Bolles took the overall awards.

Points are awarded a school based on its finish in FHSAA State Series competition in each sport in the classification in which it has been assigned to compete. The top 16 places are scored. In bracket sports, points are awarded as follows: 100 for the state champion, 90 for the state runner-up, 83 for the state semifinalists, 60 for 5-8th places, and 25 for 9-16th places. In non-bracket sports, points are awarded as follows: 100, 90, 85, 80, 70, 63, 56, 49, 38, 34, 30, 26, 22, 18, 14, 10. Schools get a 5-point bonus for winning a district or regional championship, and points are deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct: 0.5 points for student-athlete ejection/unsportsmanlike conduct incident; 1.0 for student-athlete gross unsportsmanlike conduct incident; 2.0 for coach ejection/unsportsmanlike conduct incident, plus addition 0.5 points deducted for each $50 amount above initial fine; and approximately 3-5 additional points deducted for a school or team-based violation (e.g., bench-clearing brawl, coaches take team off the field, etc.). When two or more schools are tied for a particular place in a sport, the points allotted for those places are shared equally by the schools that are tied. In the event of a tie for the award in either the overall, girls or boys divisions at the end of the school year, the following tiebreakers will be used: (1) number of state team championships won; (2) number of state team runners-up finishes; (3) number of regional team championships won; (4) number of regional team runners-up finishes; (5) number of district team championships won; and (6) number of district team runners-up finishes.