Posted: 8:14 pm Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Fort Pierce Central’s Tim Smith reinstated, but not as QB 

By Jason Lieser

Tim Smith, one of the area’s top college prospects, rejoined Fort Pierce Central last Friday, ending his suspension, but Cobras coach Chris Hutchings said he will stick with junior Arthur Jean Jacques as the starting quarterback for this week’s opener against Melbourne.

Tim Smith is back, but at a new position on offense. (Steve Mitchell/The Post)

Tim Smith is back, but at a new position on offense. (Steve Mitchell/The Post)

Hutchings said he will move Smith to slot receiver and use him as cornerback and return man.

“Tim is back with us,” Hutchings said. “He probably won’t play quarterback the rest of the time. We feel like we can use him in other ways.

“That’s not to say that he’ll never play any quarterback, but it won’t be a full-time deal for him.”

Hutchings suspended Smith and tight end Sam Edwards indefinitely after an undisclosed violation of team rules during pre-season practices. Edwards was reinstated last week, too.

Hutchings declined to give any details regarding Smith’s violation or reinstatement, but the issue obviously was a factor in his position change.

“We’re not real positive about his leadership ability,” Hutchings said. “You have to be a good leader to play quarterback.”

Since Smith’s return, Hutchings said his attitude has been good and they have not had any additional issues.

Smith (6-2, 190, No. 28 on The Big Board) has multiple FBS scholarship offers as both a quarterback and general athlete. Boston College, Tennessee and Florida Atlantic are among the group that has offered him. Smith threw for 1,043 yards and six touchdowns last year, which was his second season as a starting quarterback.