Posted: 10:48 am Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Boynton Beach’s Juventino Maya gives Tigers extra kick 

By Post Staff

Boynton Beach sophomore Juventino Maya has given the Tigers a much needed solid option at kicker this season. Maya has kicked two field goals of 23 and 31 yards on two attempts, which was previously unheard of for Boynton Beach.

“We kicked a field goal in the classic and the first game and we did not have that last year and that’s a big plus,” Tigers coach Ric Swain said.

Maya plays soccer for Boynton Beach (shocker!). Swain spotted Maya during his freshman season and brought him over to the football team, though Maya still makes his coaches’ heads shake when he kicks the football around like it’s a soccer ball.

In addition to field goals, Maya allows the Tigers to kick the extra point instead of going for two almost every time.

“We would try to go for the first one (extra point) and it was 50/50 gamble whether we’d get it and we’d end up having to go for two and it put us in a bind in a lot of games,” Swain said. “This year we go for the extra point every time unless it warrants (going for two).”