Posted: 1:27 pm Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Jupiter Christian has “a long way to go” after win over Lake Worth 

By Post Staff

Jupiter Christian made an effort to put big schools on its schedule this season in order to get some better competition and so far it seems to be working. The Eagles beat Lake Worth 40-21 Friday night but they didn’t really pull away until the fourth quarter. While Lake Worth wasn’t able to get closer than a touchdown, the Trojans hung in there for most of the game.
“We have a long way to go and when you play pretty good teams, that shows,” Eagles coach Bill Powers said after the game. “We’re very happy with the win, but a lot of our weaknesses show when we play bigger schools.”

One big area of concern is Jupiter Christian’s pass rush. Lake Worth had no where to go on the ground, but really had no problems completing long passes, mostly between quarterback Evan Moore (197 yards passing) and wide receiver Saloman Albery (11 receptions for 157 yards). I even overheard one Lake Worth player ask a coach why they were bothering to call running plays.

“Everyone’s passing has been effective against us,” Powers said. “It’s been a concern since our preseason game. We’ve got 20 guys and we’re going to go with the guys we have. We have to work on our pass rush. That’s not on the defensive backs. They can’t cover forever. A couple of our defensive linemen are banged up and until we can get some pressure on the quarterback, we’re going to give up a lot of yards passing.”

Powers added: “I’m glad that it’s a win but we didn’t play really good to be honest. I’ll take it as a win. I don’t know if it’s that we’re not that good or that we didn’t play good. I guess we’ll find that out as the rest of the season goes on.”