Posted: 10:00 am Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Palm Beach Gardens football team “back to normal” 

By Jason Lieser

After two relatively healthy days of practice this week, the Palm Beach Gardens football team appears ready to return to action Friday against Treasure Coast.

The Gators (0-2) canceled last week’s game against Royal Palm Beach because “11 or 12 players” were out sick and many others were injured. A Palm Beach Gardens assistant coach also was out sick, but returned to school late last week.

It is unclear exactly how many sick players recovered and returned to school, but Athletic Director Bill Weed said he thought all of them came back.

“We seem to be OK,” Weed said. “We’re playing. We’re going to be back to normal.”

The Florida High School Athletic Association is still reviewing the circumstances under which last week’s game was canceled. It has not been determined whether the game will be ruled a victory by forfeiture for Royal Palm Beach or simply voided from each team’s schedule.

Palm Beach Gardens was concerned about the possibility of an H1N1, or swine flu, outbreak on the football team, but there was no confirmation that it was the cause of the sickness.