Posted: 1:23 pm Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Suspension cost Pahokee QB Emanuel Perez a start 

By Jason Lieser

Last week, Pahokee planned to start Emanuel Perez against North Broward Prep. That didn’t happen.

Perez, a junior, was one of nearly 80 Pahokee students who received a one-day suspension for showing up late to class last Thursday. The suspension was enforced immediately and precluded Perez from playing in Friday’s win over North Broward Prep.

His father, Emilio Perez, did not agree with the school’s punishment.

“If you tell me my kid he has to stay after school for a whole month, I understand. If you tell him he has to go to school on Saturday, I understand that,” he told The Post. “If you give him extra homework … but if you suspend him, you’re contradicting what you’re trying to do.”

De’Joshua Johnson, the team’s regular starting quarterback, started in place of Perez. Johnson completed 6 of 16 passes for 117 yards in the 31-20 victory.