Posted: 7:23 am Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Playoff updates for every football team 

By Jason Lieser

With one regular-season week remaining in district play, plenty of teams already know where they’ll be during the opening week of the playoffs, but some districts remain unsettled.

One of the biggest messes is in the area’s most competitive district: 8-6A. There is a brief explanation of the tie-breaker formula at the bottom of this entry if you are interested.

We remain mathematically at risk of a three-way tie-breaker in eight of the area’s 17 districts, so I am elevating the threat level to code orange.

Believe it or not, Pahokee and Glades Central have not clinched playoff berths yet. Both have business to handle this week.

The following teams do not play in a district and are ineligible: Boca Raton Christian, Village Academy.

Here are the standings and playoff scenarios for every district in our area:



Treasure Coast, 3-0
Vero Beach, 3-1
Palm Beach Gardens, 1-2
Jupiter, 1-2
Centennial, 0-3

The latest: Treasure Coast clinched the district title last week and Vero Beach has locked up the wildcard spot. They are the only two teams in the district that can reach three wins and Treasure Coast has the head-to-head over Vero Beach.

Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Centennial are eliminated.

Treasure Coast, which will play in the first post-season game in program history this month, will host the runner-up from District 8-6A. Vero Beach will travel to face the winner of that district.

Boca Raton currently leads District 8-6A. As a sophomore in 2007, quarterback Eddie Sullivan led Park Vista to a win over Vero Beach in the regional semifinals.



Boca Raton, 3-0
Park Vista, 2-1
Seminole Ridge, 2-2
Atlantic, 1-2
Palm Beach Central, 0-3

The latest: Boca Raton is guaranteed a playoff spot and can wrap up the district championship by beating Park Vista this week. If the Cobras win that game, they take the district title and Boca Raton is the runner-up.

Park Vista, Seminole Ridge and Atlantic still have the chance to finish 2-2 and would then play in a tie-breaker one week from day.

Palm Beach Central is done, but can still eliminate Atlantic with a win this week.

For a more detailed explanation of this district and the possible tie-breaker event, click here.

The winner of the district hosts Vero Beach in the first round, while the runner-up heads north to take on Treasure Coast.



Melbourne, 1-0
Bayside, 1-0
Port St. Lucie, 0-2

The latest: Melbourne and Bayside are in the playoffs and Port St. Lucie is eliminated.

Melbourne visits Bayside this week to determine the district championship. The winner hosts the runner-up from District 12-5A and the loser travels to face that district’s champion.



Royal Palm Beach, 2-0
Lake Worth, 1-1
Santaluces, 1-1
John I. Leonard, 0-2

The latest: All four teams are mathematically in contention for a playoff bid and none have clinched.

Royal Palm Beach can win the district outright by beating Santaluces this week. If that happens, Lake Worth can clinch the runner-up slot by beating John I. Leonard.

Here are the other three possibilities:

1. Royal Palm Beach and John I. Leonard win this week. The Wildcats win the district and the other three teams would each be 1-2 and each have a win against the other. They would meet for a three-way tie-breaker to determine the runner-up playoff berth.

2. Santaluces and Lake Worth win this week. That combination would eliminate John I. Leonard, but the other three teams in the district would each be 2-1 and have to play in a tie-breaker. Read the explanation at the bottom of the entry to see how they would sort out the two playoff berths among three teams.

3. Santaluces and John I. Leonard win this week. Santaluces would get the district title and Royal Palm Beach would be the wildcard. They would both finish 2-1 and the other two teams would be 1-2. Santaluces then claims the district crown via its head-to-head win over Royal Palm Beach.

The winner of this district hosts the runner-up from 11-5A and the runner-up travels to face the 11-5A champion.



West Boca Raton, 2-0
Wellington, 1-1
Spanish River, 0-2

The latest: West Boca Raton is the district champion and Wellington is the wildcard. The Bulls wrapped up the district championship by virtue of wins over the other two teams.

West Boca Raton will host a first-round playoff game against the runner-up of District 14-5A, and Wellington will visit that district’s winner.

District 14-5A contains Lauderdale Lakes-Boyd Anderson, Fort Lauderdale-Dillard and Pompano Beach-Ely. Ely is in first place at 1-0, followed by Boyd Anderson at 1-1 and Dillard at 0-1.



South Fork, 2-0
Fort Pierce Central, 2-0
Martin County, 0-2
Sebastian River, 0-2

The latest: South Fork and Fort Pierce Central have clinched playoff berths and will determine the district champion in this week’s game against each other.

The winner hosts a first-round playoff game against the runner-up of District 13-4A. Friday’s loser visits the 13-4A champion in the first round. District 13-4A includes New Smyrna Beach (1-0), Palm Bay (1-1) and Viera (0-1)

Martin County and Sebastian River can finish no better than 1-2, so both are eliminated.



Dwyer, 2-0
Palm Beach Lakes, 0-1
Okeechobee, 0-1

The latest: Dwyer is the district champion and the runner-up slot goes to the winner of this week’s game between Palm Beach Lakes and Okeechobee.

Dwyer will host the 16-4A runner-up. Palm Beach Lakes or Okeechobee will travel to face that district’s winner.



Stranahan, 2-0
Hollywood Hills, 0-1
Forest Hill, 0-1

The latest: Stranahan is the district champion. Hollywood Hills and Forest Hill will battle for the runner-up position this week.

Stranahan (6-2 overall) will host either Okeechobee or Palm Beach Lakes to begin the playoffs. The winner of Hollywood Hills vs. Forest Hill earns a trip to Dwyer for Round 1.



Merritt Island, 3-0
Fort Pierce Westwood, 2-1
Jensen Beach, 2-1
Titusville, 1-3
Eau Gallie, 0-3

The latest: Merritt Island is assured of no less than a spot in a potential three-way tie-breaker. It can clinch the district title by beating Jensen Beach this week. That outcome would cede the runner-up slot to Fort Pierce Westwood regardless of what it does this week.

Here are the other two possibilities:

1. Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce Westwood win. Those two teams and Merritt Island would be 3-1 and each of the three would be 1-1 against the other two teams in the tie. They would play a tie-breaker a week from today. Full explanation of that process is at the bottom of this entry.

2. Jensen Beach and Eau Gallie win. Jensen Beach would claim the district championship and Merritt Island would be the runner up. Those two would be 3-1 with Jensen Beach owning the head-to-head advantage, while Fort Pierce Westwood would be eliminated at 2-2.

Titusville and Eau Gallie are eliminated.

The winner of this district hosts the runner-up from District 14-3A in the playoffs and the second-place finisher visits Archbishop McCarthy, that district’s champion.



Archbishop McCarthy, 3-0
Olympic Heights, 2-1
Pembroke Pines Charter, 2-2
Fort Lauderdale, 1-2
Hallandale, 0-3

The latest: Archbishop McCarthy has clinched the district title and Hallandale is eliminated.

Olympic Heights can grab the other playoff spot by beating Fort Lauderdale. The Lions are already assured nothing less than a share in a possible three-way tie-breaker event.

If Olympic Heights loses, the Lions, Pembroke Pines Charter and Fort Lauderdale would all be 2-2 with a 1-1 record against the other teams in the tie. They would meet a week from today to determine the district runner-up.



Glades Central, 1-0
Boynton Beach, 1-1
Suncoast, 0-1

The latest: Glades Central can clinch the district title by beating Suncoast this week, which would give Boynton Beach the runner-up slot.

Boynton Beach is assured no less than an entry into any possible three-way tie-breaker.

The winner of this district hosts the runner-up of 8-2A, while the second-place finisher visits the 8-2A champion.



Cardinal Gibbons, 2-0
Plantation-American Heritage, 2-0
Pompano Beach, 1-2
St. Andrew’s, 0-3

The latest: Cardinal Gibbons and Plantation-American Heritage have clinched playoff berths and eliminated St. Andrew’s and Pompano Beach. Plantation-American Heritage hosts Cardinal Gibbons this week to determine the district championship.

Unless something crazy happens, the loser of that game heads to Glades Central for Round 1. The winner would host Boynton Beach.



Dunbar, 3-1
Clewiston, 3-1
Island Coast, 3-1
Lake Placid, 2-2
LaBelle, 1-3
Gateway Charter, 0-4

The latest: The only certainty here is the elimination of LaBelle of Gateway Charter.

The winner of this week’s game between Dunbar and Clewiston earns a playoff berth at 4-1. Island Coast would then claim the runner-up slot by beating LaBelle. Clewiston has the head-to-head over Island Coast and Island Coast has it over Dunbar.

If Island Coast loses, it is tied with the Clewiston-Dunbar loser and the aforementioned head-to-head results determine who gets the runner-up slot. Lake Placid can make that a three-way tie by beating Gateway Charter.
The winner of this district hosts the runner-up from District 5-2B in the first round and the runner-up visits the 5-2B champion.



Pahokee, 5-0
University, 4-1
North Broward Prep, 4-1
Pine Crest, 3-3
Cardinal Newman, 1-4
Coral Springs Charter, 1-4
Inlet Grove, 0-5

The latest: Pahokee, University and North Broward Prep are the only teams still in the hunt.

Pahokee is assured no less than a spot in a possible three-way tie-breaker and can clinch the district by winning at University this week.

If the Blue Devils lose, North Broward Prep can force a three-way tie by beating Coral Springs Charter. If that happens, Pahokee, University and North Broward Prep would each be 5-1 with a 1-1 record against the other two teams in the tie.

If Pahokee and North Broward Prep win this week, University and North Broward Prep would finish tied at 4-2. North Broward Prep would get the runner-up slot via its win over University.

If Pahokee wins the district, the Blue Devils will host a first-round playoff game against the runner-up of District 8-2B. Pahokee likely would draw Gulliver Prep or Miami-Pace.



Melbourne Central Catholic, 6-0
Crescent City, 4-1
Holy Trinity Episcopal, 3-2
John Carroll, 3-2
Trinity Prep, 2-3
Father Lopez, 0-5
First Academy, 0-5

The latest: Melbourne Central Catholic has clinched the district championship. Crescent City, Holy Trinity Episcopal and John Carroll are in contention for the other playoff berth. The other three schools are eliminated.

Crescent City can wrap up the runner-up slot by beating John Carroll this week.

If John Carroll wins, the Rams and Crescent City would both be 4-2 and John Carroll would have the head-to-head edge. Holy Trinity Episcopal can make it a three-way tie, though, by beating Trinity Prep. In that scenario, John Carroll, Crescent City and Holy Trinity Episcopal would have to play in a tie-breaker event.

Melbourne Central Catholic will host the runner-up of District 3-1A. Whoever finishes second will travel to face the winner of 3-1A



American Heritage, 4-0
Calvary Christian, 4-0
King’s Academy, 2-2
Benjamin, 2-3
Pope John Paul II, 1-4
Westminster Academy, 0-4

The latest: American Heritage and Calvary Christian have clinched playoff berths. They play this week at Calvary Christian to determine the district champion.

This district pairs with District 8-1A in the post-season.



Jupiter Christian, 4-0
Glades Day, 2-1
Summit Christian, 1-2
Berean Christian, 1-2
Zion Lutheran, 0-3

The latest: Jupiter Christian clinched the district and Glades Day is the runner-up.

Even if Zion Lutheran upsets Glades Day this week, neither Summit Christian nor Berean Christian could displace the Gators for second place.

Berean Christian plays Summit Christian this week and the winner will be 2-2. If Glades Day lost and dropped to 2-2, it would still have a head-to-head advantage over either of those teams.

Jupiter Christian will “host” a first-round game against the runner-up of District 8-1B, Sheridan Hills. The Eagles do not have a home field have not yet announced where they will play home playoff games.

Glades Day will travel to face the District 8-1B winner, Miami MacArthur North.

A potential second-round rematch between the Gators and Eagles would be a home game for Jupiter Christian. The Eagles beat Glades Day 28-21 earlier this season.


In the event of two teams being tied for any playoff spot (district winner or runner-up), the tie is awarded to whichever team beat the other in the regular season.

If three or more teams tie for a playoff spot, regular season head-to-head is the first tie-breaker, if possible. If Teams A, B and C are tied, but Team A beat both B and C, the tie is awarded to Team A. If that gives Team A the championship, but leaves B and C tied for second, the winner of the regular season game between B and C gets the runner-up slot.

If the above scenario was a tie for 2nd place, Team A would be the wild card and advance to the playoffs.

In the case of a three-way tie, however, the teams often are 1-1 against the other two. That would send the three tied teams into a Monday night tiebreaker, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m., prior to the final regular season game.

In a three-way Monday nighter, the teams are seeded 1-3, with the No. 1 seed hosting the event. First, they are seeded according to their overall regular-season winning percentage (all games, district and non). If ties remain after that, they are broken by head-to-head regular season results. If ties still exist, a random draw is used.

The teams seeded second and third will play one quarter, 12 minutes, with two timeouts each. If teams are tied at the end of the first quarter, the 10-Yard Line Overtime Tie-Breaker Plan takes effect.

If three teams are tied for the district championship: Seed No. 2 plays No. 3. The winner faces No. 1.

If No. 1 wins that game, it is district champion and first-round winner is runner-up. If the first-round winner beats No. 1, then it becomes district champion, and No. 1 must play the first-round loser for the runner-up slot.

If three teams are tied for the district runner-up: Seed No. 2 plays No. 3. The winner faces No. 1 for the runner-up playoff spot.