Posted: 12:45 am Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Leftovers from Santaluces’ overtime win over Royal Palm Beach 

By Post Staff

So the last time I saw Royal Palm Beach play was when the Wildcats lost to Jupiter and I recalled an awful lot of penalties against Royal Palm Beach. And that was the case again Friday night against Santaluces. There weren’t many big yardage penalties, but a whole mess of encroachment and false start penalties against the Wildcats. Royal Palm Beach had racked up 70 penalty yards by halftime and finished with 122.5.

Both teams were reminded of how much a solid kicker can impact a game. The kickers in this contest shall remain nameless for the sake of this blog post, but both teams had chances to put this game away before it got to overtime and missed field goals down the stretch.

Santaluces was so pumped about the district championship. I thought Jerrod Lacy’s teammates were going to squeeze the stuffing out of him after he scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime. They continued celebrating after the handshakes, not in poor taste at all, and some players rolled around on the ground with glee. You don’t see that every day.

On the other end, Royal Palm Beach’s players were so upset, a little infighting erupted when they got to their end zone after the post-game handshakes. Little did they know that John I. Leonard was upsetting Lake Worth, so they probably didn’t realize they were in the playoffs as a result. So yes, it was a frustrating loss, but hey, the Wildcats are in!