Posted: 8:11 pm Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Live from Lakeland: Martin County wins right to play for 5A state title 

By Post Staff

Martin County will play for the 6A state title against Tallahassee Leon at 7 p.m. Thursday after finishing off Newsome in the third game 25-15 to complete the sweep.

Newsome played a lot better in the second game to start, but it ended up about the same as game one. Martin County is up 2-0 after winning game two 25-16.


Well Newsome tried to gain a little momentum and strung a short run together, but Martin County didn’t allow that to get too far. The Tigers lead 1-0 with a 25-14 game one win.
We’re in the first game and Martin County has a 16-5 lead. One wouldn’t expect such a mismatch at this point in the season, but we got one here. That’s with all due respect to Lithia Newsome. But Martin County is just that good.