Posted: 10:45 pm Thursday, December 10th, 2009

King’s Academy coach Craig Dobson to resume duties next month 

By Jason Lieser

The 2009 season was one of the hardest of Craig Dobson’s life, but he said this week he is excited to get back to work coaching King’s Academy in January.

Dobson missed the final five games this year due to a medical issue and doctors required him to miss more than six weeks of teaching at the school.

“They’ve got me squared around and rested up,” Dobson said. “I feel 100 percent better. I feel like coaching again.”

Dobson’s health issue was compounded by stress related to medical problems with his family as well. He said he had a chemical imbalance due to his medication and lost 15 pounds. Doctors diagnosed him with adrenaline fatigue.

Dobson was on the sideline for the Lions’ late-season games, but did not coach.

“It was tough,” he said. “I felt terrible for our staff and our kids.

Dobson said the support he received in and out of the school was tremendous.

“King’s Academy was–my goodness,” he said. “They supported me 100 percent. Administration was behind me all the way. My coaches picked up the slack. Our players held together and did a good job.

“I had a lot of phone calls and people telling me they were praying for me. A lot of my coaching friends said nothing but good things about me. I’m very grateful.”