Posted: 2:25 pm Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Suncoast football coach G. Alan Williams resigns 

By Jason Lieser

G. Alan Williams, head coach for Suncoast football, informed the school he was stepping down last week.

Williams, who has aspirations of coaching at the collegiate level, said he is leaving the school to pursue “new opportunities,” but does not have his next job lined up yet.

“If you ask any of my boys, we have a family-type atmosphere up there,” he said. “I love those guys. Part of me feels like I’m leaving a little too early, but I prayed on it and I’m a strong believer that the Lord will show you the way to go.”

Williams went 9-20-1 in three seasons with the Chargers, including 3-6-1 last fall.

The team won just two games over two seasons leading up to his arrival.

“Before we got here, Suncoast was one of those schools nobody wanted to go to,” Williams said. “There was no sense of pride in wearing that green and gold.

“This year, the kids fought hard to the very end. We put three people in the all-star game for two years in a row. I have eight kids in college playing football right now. I think we brought it back a little bit and the kids have pride in the school and believe they can win.”

Williams, 29, teaches math at the school, but said he is unlikely to stay beyond the end of the current semester.

Suncoast athletic director Pat Ikem was pleased with what Williams accomplished in his three years in charge.

“He did well,” Ikem said. “He took a program that wasn’t doing much and made it a better program. But if a coach feels he needs to move, he needs to move on.”

Ikem said no interim coach has been named and the school hopes to hire a new coach before spring football begins in May.