Posted: 3:00 pm Monday, March 8th, 2010

Cold weather was becoming a pain for track and field athletes 

By Post Staff

Temperatures were in the mid-40’s with a nasty wind Thursday night in Belle Glade for the Burger King Invitational track meet and this has been typical of most meets in the early part of the season where the cold weather has been a pain for all the participants. But now that it’s warming up a little, it should get everyone back on pace with their times soon.

“You can run a lot faster when it’s warmer,” Royal Palm Beach girls coach Derek Walker said. “But you don’t want to pull anything so they’re not running the times that I think they should. This weather makes a big difference.”

For some coaches, making their athletes compete in the cold wasn’t worth the risk of injury so they either scaled back on their events or pulled them out altogether. At Thursday’s meet at Glades Central, only four boys ran the 200-meter dash and three of them were from Royal Palm Beach.

“You have to be careful because you worry about pulling muscles,” Glades Central coach Willie McDonald said. “There were kids who couldn’t breathe and we had kids that were throwing up so we held them out and other guys chipped in.”