Posted: 3:05 pm Sunday, August 29th, 2010

John Carroll-Suncoast tussle under FHSAA review 

By Jeff Greer

A fight broke out toward the end of the third quarter in Suncoast’s 34-28 overtime win against John Carroll on Friday. Four players on each team were ejected, though neither school was willing to divulge names of the dismissed players.

More details will come from the game officials’ full report that will be processed and reviewed by the FHSAA tomorrow. In turn, the report will be sent to both schools. We’re expecting to know more about the situation tomorrow.

In football, ejections of any player or coach results in a mandatory one-game suspension, according to the FHSAA policy. (Click that link and scroll to page 89. Rules are listed under Policy 30.2.)

The suspension can be extended based on the official’s report or the seriousness of the offense. All suspensions can be appealed.

TCPalm briefly mentions the scuffle in its game notes.