Posted: 2:43 pm Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Kirk Herbstreit upset over Dwyer-Glenville result 

By Matt Porter

Speaking on The Joe Rose Show on 560-WQAM, the man who lent his name to the Kirk Herbstreit National Kickoff Classic said Dwyer was robbed of a win.

“It made me sick to my stomach,” said Kirk Herbstreit.



The ESPN college football analyst, who was on the show to discuss the first week of the college season, watched Dwyer’s controversial 26-22 loss to Cleveland-Glenville and was upset with the result.

“I was with a buddy of mine. He played high school football with me, and I said ‘Imagine if we flew down to Florida to play one of their better teams and we drove the last drive and scored the winning touchdown and a Florida referee looked us in the eye and said, ‘Nope.’

And we scored another winning touchdown and a Florida referee said, ‘Nope.’ And we scored a third winning touchdown and a Florida referee said ‘Nope.”

“I’d feel like [Nick] O’Leary, too. I mean, I’d be upset, too.”

O’Leary, Dwyer’s tight end and one of the country’s top football prospects, received plenty of attention after he made an obscene gesture at some Glenville players. The clip was shown on SportsCenter, and on Facebook and message boards, O’Leary’s reaction has become sort of a symbol for Dwyer’s reaction.

O’Leary was disciplined by the team for the gesture.

Herbstreit, too, said he’s sorry for the way his namesake event ended, and said he would try to contact Dwyer Athletic Director Tom Pagley today.

“All I can say is, I apologize.”

Herbstreit said Tommylee Lewis “clearly” stayed inbounds on a 25-yard fade from Jacoby Brissett that was ruled incomplete, and said he thought Brissett “definitely” crossed the goal line with the ball on the second of two quarterback sneak tries, after which referees allowed the clock to run out.

“It looked like they got in once, if not the first time, definitely the second time, and the officials don’t give them a touchdown three different times and Dwyer ends up losing and my heart just sank,” said Herbstreit.

“Clearly, watching on TV, that’s a touchdown. To the fans of Dwyer and to their players, I am as sick about it as you are.”

Speaking in West Palm Beach two weeks before the event, Herbstreit said he regretted that he wasn’t able to attend (on Monday, he called Virginia Tech-Boise State). This was the first time in five years he missed the Ohio games.

“I love doing it,” he said. “This event is more to me than just putting my name on it, and saying ‘Hey, sponsors, go have a good event … guys, give me a full report when it’s done.’

“I just love high school football. I love what it represents and what it stands for.”



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