Posted: 3:12 pm Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Catching up with Glades Central legend and Patriots RB Fred Taylor 

By Jeff Greer

A recent trip up to New England for the Dolphins-Patriots game gave me the chance to catch up with Glades Central legend Fred Taylor, whose son Kelvin is currently shredding every single rushing record the state of Florida has. Kelvin tied the state touchdown record by scoring five times in Glades Day’s 42-35 state-title win back on Dec. 10.

Here’s the full transcript from my brief chat with him about his talented son, who is a sophomore at Glades Day.

My questions are in bold.

Fred Taylor (AP Photo)

Fred Taylor (AP Photo)

What’s it like having Kelvin carrying the Taylor name so well?

Fred Taylor: He’s been waiting for his moment. He works hard. All it took for him to see was that I did it. He wanted to — from the first time he recognized it — be better than me. And he still says that to this day.

I tell him, ‘It’s a work in progress but keep it up. It’ll happen.’ That’s my job, to make sure he does it properly.

He’s always willing to push. Everything he’s gotten, he earned it and he deserves it. He busts his butt when nobody’s watching. He runs everywhere, he runs the hills, he does that all on his own. He deserves it.

Kelvin Taylor (Palm Beach Post)

Kelvin Taylor (Palm Beach Post)

How much do you talk to him during the season?

Taylor: We talk every day — every single day. Whether we’re communicating verbally or talking via text. Every single day. Usually, it’s like, ‘What’re you doing? What’s up, pops? Chillin’. What’s happening? Be safe.’

At the end of it all, it’s just making sure he’s doing well in school and being safe.

He’s carried the ball a lot more than you see many other high school backs carry it. Is there any concern about wear and tear for him if he stays at Glades Day, or is that where you guys want to keep him?

Taylor: We’ve gone back and forth regarding the carries and the school side of it. Glades Day is a good place for him. They help him build his foundation in the classroom. The football stuff, that’s gonna come naturally because he works hard at it.

They really pay attention to him in the private school setting, where the classrooms are smaller and he’s getting a lot of one-on-one.

In his heart, he’d like to play for Glades Central at one point before he’s done because that’s what his dream was as a kid, plus the fact that I played there as well. There’s so much to deal with. It’s not an easy decision. We have to do what’s best and see what happens. If it was a bidding war, that’d be one of those crazy things, but it isn’t. We’ll see. He stays in my ear — ‘Hey Pops, give me at least one year!’

But it’s still too early to decide.