Posted: 1:50 pm Friday, January 7th, 2011

The latest on Dwyer’s top three recruits 

By Matt Porter

Updated Friday, 5:51 p.m.

Dwyer seniors Jacoby Brissett, Curt Maggitt and Nick O’Leary are three of the most sought-after prospects in Florida. While they (and all college-bound seniors) try to make the decision that will shape the rest of their lives, Dwyer coach Jack Daniels spoke at length Thursday evening about their decision-making process.

The one thing we know — several schools are still in play for the trio as we approach signing day, Feb. 2.



Nick O’Leary delaying his decision. O’Leary was expected to announce his college choice during the Army All-American Game, but said Thursday he was going to wait. He did not say whether he was going to wait until signing day. “I think Nick has a pretty good idea of where Nick wants to go,” Daniels said. “But Nick doesn’t care about being on national TV or anything like that.”

Brissett and O’Leary are playing in Saturday’s Army All-American Game (1 p.m., NBC).

Miami still an option for O’Leary. He had been leaning toward Florida State — and the bet here is he still commits there — but the 6-foot-4, 230-pound tight end sounds like he’s waiting to see what’s up at Miami and other schools. When asked why O’Leary was waiting to announce his decision, Daniels said, “I think he talked to his parents and said what’s the big deal? What’s the difference between announcing now and waiting a few weeks, and getting a chance to talk to the Hurricanes head coach, or somebody else?” Daniels said O’Leary has not yet spoken with new Miami coach Al Golden.

Maggitt (Bruce Bennett/The Palm Beach Post)

Maggitt (Bruce Bennett/The Palm Beach Post)

Miami pushing hard to get all three. New defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio was at Dwyer this week, Daniels said. “He spent a lot of time with Curt, trying to get Curt down here. And then they’ve bombarded Jacoby since they’ve been hired. They would love to have Nick.

Brissett and Maggitt still wide-open. Daniels: “Jacoby and Curt I know are going to wait. They’ll wait to take their visits, and if they have to wait until signing day or later, they will.” Maggitt is scheduled to take an official visit to Tennessee, and Brissett has spoken about a visit to South Carolina, where close friend and Dwyer alum Ramon Galloway is playing basketball. Brissett still wants to give college hoops a try. “They all have two visits left,” Daniels said. “It’s going to be interesting.”

Where does Brissett stand with Florida State? Daniels: “I think he’s very interested, but, you know, Jacoby’s a different kind of kid. He’s got a lot of self-confidence, and believes that wherever he does, it doesn’t matter who they have or what they have. Jacoby has a lot of self-confidence and believes that he can beat everybody out. But I think Jacoby’s going to pick a school where he’s going to get a chance to play right away.”



Muschamp isn’t making a pitch to Brissett. Florida coach Will Muschamp seems just fine with Jeff Driskel, the Oviedo-Hagerty senior quarterback. “He doesn’t want to do anything because they have Driskel committed,” Daniels said. “He doesn’t want to be involved in the offensive side of the ball. He wants to leave that to [new offensive coordinator] Charlie Weis. He’s not going to evaluate anything, or talk about offense. He knows about Jacoby, that’s about the extent of it.”

UPDATE (5:51 p.m.): Interviewed Friday in San Antonio, Texas, where he’s practicing for the Army All-American Game, Brissett told The Gainesville Sun he’d listen if Florida made him a pitch. “If Florida offered me I would have to move them up on my list, I would probably visit and just check out the situation,” Brissett said. Definitely a different tone today than when Brissett was asked about Urban Meyer’s greyshirt offer on Nov. 5.

Florida’s visit with Maggitt didn’t clear up anything. Muschamp’s Wednesday evening visit with Maggitt went well, but Daniels said Maggitt is trying to figure it all out. “He’s got a lot of people pulling him in different directions,” Daniels said. “He always has a smile on his face, but he has Miami in there, and Florida, and Tennessee and LSU and Alabama and all these crazy schools … He just needs to tie down some visits and finish up school, and sit down with his family and his brother and whoever else he needs to to talk about what his options are.”

Maggitt to Gainesville maybe, but not yet. Muschamp asked Maggitt to come and visit, but Maggitt said he’s not ready. “One thing about Curtis is that he’s been raised as a great kid, and he’s going to tell everybody the truth,” Daniels said. “He has a sincere interest in Florida, and has really liked them, but he’s not ready to say he’s going to take a visit. He’s going to visit Tennessee, and [then] he has one [visit] left, and he has some good options to choose from. In the bottom of my heart, I want him to take a visit there [Florida], but I’m in Curtis’ corner all the way.

Decision time looms for Maggitt (8), O'Leary (34) and Brissett (12). (Photo by Mike Munden)

Decision time looms for Maggitt (8), O'Leary (34) and Brissett (12). (Photo by Mike Munden)


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