Posted: 6:36 pm Friday, July 15th, 2011

Legal counsel advises school board members not to discuss Park Vista cheerleading issue at upcoming meeting 

By James @littlenomads

Palm Beach County School Board members should refrain from discussing the Park Vista cheerleaders issue during their school board meeting on Wednesday because of “possible Sunshine issues resulting from the attendance of two board members at the June 29 meeting,” Superintendent Bill Malone and the district’s legal staff have advised.

“In light of the fact that more than one board member inadvertently attended a session where private student information was discussed, albeit no discussion between the members occurred, it may be alleged to be inappropriate for discussion if it was determined that the action could have been reasonably foreseen to come before this board,” Malone said in an email he sent to board members Thursday. “It has always been my intention to resolve this matter, as it is within my authority to do so.”

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