Posted: 9:53 pm Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Regarding Ja Wand Blue and Virginia Tech’s coaching staff 

By Matt Porter

I want to clarify a situation concerning Ja Wand Blue, a former Virginia Tech commit, and Virginia Tech’s coaching staff.

On Wednesday, a coach at Blue’s high school, West Boca Raton, informed me by phone that Blue would decommit from Virginia Tech and instead sign with Miami. The coach told me Blue was at that moment on a nearby phone with Virginia Tech’s coach, who I believed to be head coach Frank Beamer.

The West Boca coach placed our call on speaker phone. Blue’s conversation with Virginia Tech was placed on speaker phone. That meant I could hear the conversation between Blue and Beamer.

Given the highly compelling nature of the conversation, I began to tweet the quotes, but soon realized that I was doing so without rock-solid attribution. I hung up and called my editors to inform them. I removed the original tweets about Blue’s conversation for fairness purposes, i.e., it would have been fair to give Virginia Tech a chance to respond.

When I reached Virginia Tech, a spokesperson clarified that the coach speaking with Blue was assistant Charley Wiles, but that the conversation did happen as I reported. I offered an apology to Beamer and Virginia Tech’s football staff for the error. I tweeted Virginia Tech’s response to the issue.

I regret the error in misidentifying Beamer. I also regret not giving Virginia Tech an opportunity to respond before posting the conversation.