Posted: 3:56 pm Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Ask Me Anything: How do the Post football rankings work? What’s the worst movie trilogy ever? 

By Jeff Greer

Welcome back for the newest version of Ask Me Anything. Here, I answer questions on high school football, recruiting and any other topic you guys chose.

Last Friday's games hung some ominous clouds on several local teams. (Photo by Allen Eyestone)

This week’s topics range from peanut butter and jelly to Glades Central. Those items are unrelated. We also discuss Larry Fitzgerald, party buses and Boynton Beach.

The goal is to make this a weekly thing. Send me your questions for next week via Twitter, Facebook, email or in the comment section here.

We’re starting off our fifth Ask Me Anything with a Post rankings question:

Pat: I saw a lot of complaints about the Post’s Top 10 for football this week. Can you just explain how you do those rankings?

Jeff Greer: It’s actually very simple. My daily work, every week of the season, includes talking to head and assistant coaches, players, parents and other sources on how teams look. I am one man, and including Anthony Chiang and four or five other guys, we really don’t have the bodies to see every team every week. So, I collect as much information as I can. Then I sit down Monday morning and compare notes. I rank teams 1 through 10 based on how I see head-to-head games going. In this case, it’s really hard to rank Park Vista against, say, Dwyer, because they don’t play each other. But from the info I’ve gathered, and the times I’ve seen them against other teams, I’m confident saying Dwyer would win.

Among this week’s top five, only two of those teams will play one another in the regular season. Park Vista just barely edged out Seminole Ridge on a last-second field goal. They’ll probably play in the 8A regional semifinals. Dwyer and American Heritage had a special-exception game last fall and won’t play this time around. And Fort Pierce Central went north for its out-of-district games. Glades Central and Pahokee will play, but we won’t see Boynton Beach against any of them.

I also pore over the opponents our area teams play. As a voter in the Associated Press rankings, I coordinate the voting guide each week for every high school football writer in the state. I get a ton of info about out-of-area teams. That helps, too.

@PatBernadeau: Have you been on a party bus?

JG: … Yes, a wedding transportation party bus. But not with Sweet Pea.

Riviera Beach: Glades Central had American Heritage beat. They very well could have and should have won that game. If they do, all of you are singing a different tune. They beat Palm Beach Central, a team everyone was so high on. The last two games have shown signs of only good to come. Dwyer was just too much, but if they played later in the season, it would be closer. Jeff, Glades Central has plenty of talent but lacks the discipline of past teams. That is coaching, my friend. The Raiders will beat at least one of the Miami powerhouses this year.

JG: I’d guess Glades Central can beat Miami Northwestern at the end of October. Don’t see the Raiders getting past University or Miami Washington. And for the record, I’ve said a few times in this space that coaching will be something Central’s administration reviews in the coming months.

‏@PrestonMich: Peanut butter or jelly?

JG: I live in an and world.

Steve: If the playoffs were today, which area teams would make the regional finals?

JG: People love these questions and I do, too. I’d say Park Vista just edges out Seminole Ridge to make the Class 8A regional finals (final eight in the bracket). I don’t see Fort Pierce Central beating Manatee in the regional semis. Then in 7A, I like Dwyer making the regional final against St. Thomas Aquinas. I’d think American Heritage makes the 3A regional finals, perhaps against Pahokee. Same goes for Glades Day in 2A.

@arloguth: As a fellow Pitt alum, who are you more proud of: Larry Fitzgerald or Lesean McCoy?

JG: Proud of? I’m not sure I’d use that word, but obviously Larry Fitzgerald has been a fantastic pro. He was a bit before my time, but he’s worth the price of admission to Cardinals games.

@TheSheaQuinn: Which movie in a trilogy holds the title for being so bad that it essentially taints the other two movies? Gotta be Spiderman 3, right?

JG: So the third movie has to be so bad that it ruins the good work of the first two. Or even just the first one. You’ve obviously never seen “Angels in the Infield,” the made-for-TV play on the original “Angels in the Outfield.” But yeah, Spiderman 3 was bad.