Posted: 1:54 pm Friday, April 4th, 2014

John I. Leonard AD Scott Siegel expects to return to work Monday 

By Anthony Chiang

Scott Siegel is ready to return to work.

The John I. Leonard athletic director has been recovering at home since breaking his right shoulder and two fingers on his left hand in a fall in the school’s gymnasium on March 26. Since he was injured on school property, Siegel has been forced to stay away from Leonard for seven to 10 days, according to Palm Beach County School District Policy.

But after an encouraging visit to the doctor this week, Siegel expects to return to Leonard on Monday. The 59-year-old is waiting on one more doctor to clear him to go back to “light work.”

“It looks like the bone is healing fine,” Siegel said. “As of now, I won’t need surgery, but I’ll have to keep on going back to make sure it’s healing properly.”

Siegel is still wearing a harness for his broken right shoulder, but his fingers have healed.  However, he is still feeling the effects of the fall.

“In my right hand, I can’t even lift a can of soda,” he said. “That’s how weak I am. I know that even if I start to work, I can’t lift anything. It’s just a matter of mentally being able to do some things.”

If the recovery process goes as planned, doctors will take off Siegel’s harness in about a month. It will take longer than that before he returns to full strength, though, as he will need physical therapy to regain his normal mobility.

The first step of Siegel’s recovery will be returning to Leonard. Staying away from work for the past week has been tough for him, but Lancers coaches and the area’s athletic directors have worked to fill in for Siegel in his absence.

“They have made this as comfortable for me as possible,” Siegel said. “It’s nice to know that there are a lot of people out there that are willing to help.”